Sunday, 24 July 2016

Massive fruit harvest and some veg

Well as the title suggests we did get some weighty fruit crops this year.

Here are the Redcurrants (9lb 8oz). 

There will be lots of jam, jelly and maybe some wine too made from this lot.
The final crop from just one Gooseberry bush, this lot weighs 15lb 11oz. 

But we did take some last months as a thinning harvest, making the total weight around 22lb!
So all this picked before lunch: 
Broad Beans. 

The Broad beans have finished now, so we put all the foliage in the compost bin.
I say before lunch, well the rain had been on & off all morning, but by lunchtime it was raining hard. So we left to get some lunch at home.
I returned after lunch when the rain had stopped, again. 

I managed to harvest the last of the Blackcurrants (5lb, total harvest 10lb 8oz). 

Also some Dwarf French beans, Charlotte potatoes and a Beetroot too.
Well just a light shower in the afternoon, but didn't stop me. 

In a week our Allotment site has its open day, so still a bit of tidying up to do.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


  1. That's a great looking harvest there, Ian. About ten times as many redcurrants as I've picked, and I thought I was doing well this year :) How many plants do you have to produce that many?

    (By the way, have you heard of the Harvest Monday meme? It's a way to share your pics and blog posts with other growers, hosted by a chap called Dave over at

    Darren, @nftallotment,

    1. Hi Darren, actually just one well established bush about 10 years old now, we always winter prune it and feed well too.😀