Sunday, 26 June 2016

We weeded, planted and harvested until it rained, again.

First job of the day, was to weed this patch where the Leeks, Sweetcorn, Onions & Brassicas are. 
Looks a lot better for it. 
We need to get the weeding done, see why below.
We did have a pile of weeds here, so we got them burnt in the new incinerator bin. 
The space got filled with yet another Squash! 
Should do well here as I put a bucket of manure in the hole first.
The foliage on the Charlotte 2nd early potatoes looked a bit wilted, so I did a test dig and look how many came up from just one plant
There were more under the soil, see next picture.
Here is what I dug up from just two Charlotte potato plants. 
There is almost 4lb (1.8kg), we planted 36 so that means a possible yield of 72lb (32.4kg) from an initial 3kg purchase, a very good return on that investment.
The early Raspberries are ready to pick now, we have had a few already and harvesting daily now.
The Strawberries are being harvested daily too, see below. 

Jo has been very busy too and weeded this patch, where the Peas, Kale and French beans are. 
We need to get our plot looking good because we have entered it into the Wirral Allotments competition. Judges will be visiting on July 5th and we still have lots to do!
Today's Harvest: 
Broad Beans, 
Charlotte Potatoes, 
Rhubarb (see below), 
and Sweetpeas.
Victoria Rhubarb:
There is 7lb here and only 6 stalks, it's a beast!
Just one stalk & leaf measured 54" (135cm) from tip to root!

As the title says 'it rained, again' we arrived at 9:30, but had to leave around 1pm as we could feel rain in the air and sure enough the rain started as we walked home.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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