Sunday, 17 July 2016

Such a hot day today & its getting warmer!

Yes such a hot sunny day, so we had to take care and get in the shade often, good excuse for a cup of tea too. 

Lots of flowers for the bees, we have plenty all around our plot and the Bees were definitely in evidence.  
The Courgettes still producing like crazy, long & round varieties. 

We had lasagne for dinner to use some up. 
Been tidying up the edges of the pond, there was a massive Comfrey growing there, now its gone its opened up the pond. 

We cleared some of the pond weed too, it needs clearing regularly at this time of the year.
So one pond resident appreciated the hard work clearing the pond edges.
Redcurrants almost ready to harvest. 
We have already had lots of Blackcurrants, jam, jam & more jam. 
Just love our Lavender boxes, the Bees love them too. 

Just need to cut the grass path again, by hand with shears, as my strimmer is still not fixed, the part has been ordered but won't arrive until Aug 1st!
Today's Harvest:
French Beans, 
Broad Beans, 
& Sweetpeas.
Our Allotment site is having its annual Open Day soon, so I'm getting it neat & tidy. 
We are hoping for good weather, but whatever happens the open day will happen. So we are hoping for a record breaking year this year. 
Our hens will be attending too.

Last year was wet and miserable but lots still came & it was a great success.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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