Sunday, 10 July 2016

Weeding, Harvesting on our 2nd place plot

 Well the purple climbing french beans have reached the top of the wig-wam, so I've nipped off the growing tips, so all the growth now goes into forming the fruit. 

Flowers are forming, so wont be long.
The Shiraz mange-tout peas are coming fast now. 
We have already had some with our dinner, just steamed over the pot with Charlotte potatoes boiling beneath.
This wig -wam with the Borlotti beans have also reached the top, so their growing tips have been nipped off too.
Plenty of Peas coming now, the frames I made have worked a treat. 
We have had some and they are super sweet.
Sweetcorn all weeded again, getting taller day by day.

I had to cut all the halums off the early spuds, as 'blight' seemed to have taken hold, I did a test dig and most were OK. 

Luckily these Cara potatoes have some resistance to 'blight' and are looking good.
The Redcurrants are ripening fast, we have already harvested the Blackcurrants (see below). 

Wont be long before we can harvest these.
Today's Harvest: 
Blackcurrants (5.5 lb),
Gooseberries (2.25 lb),
Raspberries (1 lb),
Mixed berries (6oz)
3x Courgettes. 

During the week we also picked more Raspberries, Strawberries & Loganberries.
If you remember last week, we were busy getting our plot tidy for the judging on Tuesday, well we had the good news we came 2nd, in the local Lily Jones Cup, wont know the result from the Wirral judges for a month.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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