Tuesday, 25 May 2021

A week or more of planting & weeding!

This patch is being planted up, more Peas & Dwarf Beans gone in as were ready.
I planted out a block of Sweetcorn, haven't grown for a few years because Squirrels got the entire crop! 
Hope to protect the cobs, still trying to work out how. 
I planted more Beans, these are Dwarf Borlotti Beans. 
The Parsnips are doing well, all the sun & rain we have had has helped.
Still earthing up the Potatoes, they are loving the rain & sun.
More soil dug over to get the surface weeds out, we will be planting this up soon.
The grass path needed cutting, so I got the hand shears out, looks alot better too.
This male Pheasant just wandered onto our plot as I was having a rest. 
We dont really mind, we love all wildlife.
Asparagus almost 24" long and still tender, the top 8-10" anyway. 
So we had them in a Risotto for dinner tonight and yes it was tasty. 
So really we have been lucky, weather has been very up and down, but at least we have managed to keep on top of the weeding & planting.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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  1. Can't believe how much blue sky you have had! Lucky you, no wonder your plot is looking good and busy.