Sunday, 16 May 2021

Sunday 16th May more planting done.

Just look at all the flowers on our Strawberries, each flower will soon be fruit and this is just one of many beds we have. 

Bumper crop imminent! 

Another wig-wam with mange-tout Oregon Sugarpod Peas.

I built the wig-wam, Jo planted the Peas that she started off at home.

We are trying the Runner Beans in a new place, so I built an 'A' frame with canes and 6" mesh netting. 

I have anchored it down in case we get more strong winds!

Jo started off some Climbing Courgettes, she planted them out today on the old runner bean frame. I hope they do well there. 
The potatoes are all up, but no earthing up today, I will check on these in a few days and earth up as neccessary.
The new Pear tree is full of new buds, we won't take any fruit this year, if we get any that is. 

Its best for new fruit trees to establish for at least a year, or two, before first harvest. 

The greenhouse upgrade is complete, I used old roof slates to make a deeper bed, then put pipe lagging over the top edge, to make it safer and neater. Jo planted a Cucumber, 2 Gold & 4 Plum Tomatoes in the new space.
There was rain in the forecast, so we only expected to be down about an hour, but ended up staying at least 3 hours, as the rain kept off, it did start just as we left for home, so we were lucky.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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