Sunday, 6 June 2021

Sunny Allotment, hottest day so far too

We expect a bumper harvest of Gooseberies soon, this bush is laden with them, some have already fallen to the ground!
I planted out more Sweetcorn, another 12 to add to the 9 I put in last time.
I made another pea frame, this time 7ft long! As we had almost 100 more pea seedlings to plant out. 

I used some twigs and sticks to protect them from Pheasant attack!

The Strawberries are ripening, we picked these two and ate them and they were so tasty and sweet. 

Jo put straw beneath to stop the fruit bruising on the bare soil.

I have been cutting the grass on the path again, all done by hand with shears, I will reach the end soon, then will have to start all over again!
Some of the many flowers we grow, for the Bees of course.

These are California Poppies.


In the background is a massive Horseradish plant.

And Chives, in the background are Foxgloves too.

We grow Chives to eat as well, they are lovely in a salad, Jo has chopped some onto cream cheese sub rolls for her lunch tomorrow. 

The Rhubarb has gone mad again!

The Pheasant. 

He was strutting about our plot today without a care in the world, like he owned the place, as you can see I got quite close.

Yes hottest day so far and we had to take regular breaks in the shade, had lunch there too, so we could get lots done. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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