Sunday, 3 May 2020

Another week during isolation & we got busy.

Earlier in the week Jo was busy digging out the old paths of grass and weeds, around the Herb bed and Victoria Rhubarb. 
Yesterday and today (Sat/Sun) I levelled it all, put down weed suppressant fabric & put about 9 barrows full of woodchips to make a new path system & we both think it looks much better.
All the sunshine and rain we have had over the last 5 days have helped the Potatoes, we have noticed daily, more and more have broken through the soil. 

These are the Charlotte 2nd early, but the International Kidney & even some of the mains Picasso have also popped up. I planted each a week apart.
So using my draw hoe, I earthed them all up. 
A draw hoe also cuts the weeds so makes a good job of it.
Jo noticed lots of tiny weeds popping up all over the new Asparagus bed, so knowing the roots are very fragile she did very light weeding with her fingers. 
I noticed it ended up with a Zen type pattern!
Jo has also been busy sowing rows of Brassicas, all under netting tunnels, to protect them from the Pheasants & Pigeons!
These Strawberries in the fruit area, are full of flowers, each flower turns into a fruit, so we are hoping to get a bumper harvest this year.
Even this patch, by the greenhouse, of Strawberries, is full of flowers, we are hoping to make ice cream this year as well as jam & flans etc.
In the green house, the Tomatoes are still growing well, the Cucumber is also thriving. 
We will start to feed them with Comfrey water as soon as the flowers set fruit.
We also have some Tomatoes in pots outside the greenhouse. 
Today Jo wanted to see if some will grow well in open soil, so she planted 2x 'Plum', 1x 'Strawberry' & a 'Sungold' to see how they do.
All the Broad Beans Jo planted out a few weeks ago are in flower, so the beans will form soon. 
You cant beat fresh Broad Beans for taste.
This patch is filling up fast, my Carrot experiment, in the green tub, is doing well, Jo also sowed Carrot seed in rows & the Peas on the frame are doing well.
The Victoria Rhubarb is getting bigger, a more tart variety & makes lovely pies.
I fixed the sides of the bed so I could get the woodchip path in place.  Looks very neat now. 

 So a very busy week, I think we have done over 20 hours on the plot this week and done lots, including planting up these fence planters I made, Jo planted Nasturtiums so they tumble down over the fence.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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