Monday, 18 May 2020

Another week getting the plot looking nice

Finally finished round the back of the pond, a new woodchip path between pond, bug hotel & apple trees. 
Jo took up the old path, over run with ground elder roots & marsh grass roots (they were the worst!).
I laid the new path with weed suppresant fabric underneath 
Sadly a cool night and frosty morning meant the Borlotti Beans didn't make it, but we have more started off at home, so will plant out when ready.
The lavender opposite the fruit area needed new boxes. 
So I made them from decking planks and gave 2 coats of dark oak fence/shed paint.
Jo planted out the last of the Sunflowers, no egg shells this time, but trying bottles on the canes, that rattle in the wind & hanging CD's that shine as they spin. 
Hoping this will help to keep the Pheasants off them! 
Lovely self seeded Calendulas in our salad bed!
Lovely self seeded Foxgloves, in our Herb bed.
Despite the cold nights and a morning frost, most of our Potatoes survived. These are the Maris Piper, all made it and look healthy.
The King Edwards, nearest in photo, are just poking through, so missed the frost. But the International Kidney & Charlotte didn't do so well, but will survive, will only put them back a week or so.
So our plot is looking really good now all the major projects are completed. 

Still have more crops to plant out when ready, so keep checking back for updates.
Another look round the back of the Bug house & pond, the woodchip path looks really good. 
I made a planter box just to the right, Jo put a mix of flowers in it so will show progress soon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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