Monday, 27 April 2020

More isolation hours on the plot

The front of our plot looks a lot better now (ignore the bags of weeds) I used free paving slabs to make a hard area, to store stuff & park the car on, although we dont come down in the car much. The bags are full of weeds & roots, as we dont burn them anymore and waiting for the local tip to re-open when Covid-19 lockdown ends, so we can dump them for turning into compost. 
Earlier in the week, Jo started clearing the paths in the fruit area, was the cage before the storms in January flattened it! 
Our site got a surprise delivery of woodchips, so Jo & I barrowed quite a lot to our plot & I started re-newing the fruit area paths, see below to see more.
This patch now has 2 rows of Chard, a row of Brussel Sprouts & a row of Kale. The foreground shows the Cauliflowers we put in a few weeks ago, Jo weeded them and they are looking good.
We are so excited as all the Asparagus that we only started a few weeks ago have come through. 

We cant harvest this year while it gets established, but next year we will get our 1st harvest.
Jo planted out 4 lots of Peas on the frame she put up last week. 
Oregon Sugarpod, Hurst Greenshaft, Meteor & Avola.
Everytime we come down, its almost daily at the moment, the Tomatoes in the Greenhouse have grown taller, but as we have been down regularly, we do water them every time.
Today, Monday. 
I put in the last of the main crop Potatoes, these are King Edward, a good one for chips etc.
So thats now 12 rows of Potatoes planted, if they all produce well we will be good for spuds well into 2021!
So today I finished the fruit area paths & made a new well head using the wood from the old front fence wood, so cost nothing.
So with all this free time, due to Covid-19, we have been isolating most days for about 5 hours down on our plot and its looking rather good.

Thanks for reading/returning. Jo & Ian

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