Saturday, 9 May 2020

Allotment Pond Life

 Been tidying up around the pond, it was very overgrown & choked with ground elder, marginal grasses & comfrey!  Now we have cleared it and put a few large rocks around the back with plenty of gaps for the frogs to explore. I'm hoping snails will move in as they like cool dark/damp places, then the frogs can feast on them!
We love the chives in flower and the Bees love it too. 

In the background we have a Laburnum tree, with bright yellow flowers, its also buzzing with hundreds of Bees.
Jo has been busy again on the brassica patch and planted the last net tunnel up with Purple sprouting Broccoli.
This patch is filling up fast too!
Put another wig-wam up with 6ft canes & netting then planted Shiraz Peas. 
We have more peas starting off at home & will put them in when ready. In the foreground we have left a space to plant out Dwarf French Beans also starting off at home.
Giant Sunflowers are planted along the back, Jo also sprinkled plenty of crushed egg shells all around each one, to stop the slugs & snails munching on the tender stems & leaves!
So tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler, not a frost we hope, but I still earthed up all the Potatoes just in case.
The Frogs seem to like the new style pond surround, this big one popped out to see. 
We have spotted at least 8 of different sizes, so we know they stay to spawn each year. We also have a Hedgehog, it was sleeping around the back of the pond, not where we were clearing luckily and it stayed a few days after we finished the upgrade.
This patch I also earthed up, not because of the cooler night, but because all the spuds have come through, we are just waiting for the King Edwards to show now.

Just a few things left to put in, mainly Squashes & Pumpkins, so keep checking back for news on these.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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