Monday, 20 April 2020

Sunny weekend & week ahead

Such a busy weekend, isolation is easy on our plot. 

Jo got busy putting up a wig-wam for Sweet Peas. The cardboard is to stop the weeds popping up in the middle where its hard to reach once the Sweet Peas have climbed up the canes & strings.
Then Jo decided to empty a couple of our compost bins, she managed to fill 16 sacks with well rotted compost! 
She transfered some of the contents with lots of worms to get the now empty bin started.
I got busy planting out the next lot of 'chitted' main crop potatoes 'Maris Piper'
Three rows with 9 in each row now in the ground. 
I planted them just the same as the others I planted last week
In between the other things I have done, I've been busy changing the front of our plot, to give a hard area, with a new fence  
and gate. 
But its now full of bags of weeds and rubbish to take to the recycling centre when it re-opens after the Covid-19 lock-down.
Jo ended up sorting all the compost bins, the two on the right (with black/yellow tape) are now sealed for use next year, the three on the left are now empty and we will be filling them up over the year.
The blossom on the Cox's Orange Pippin looks lovely, we expect a good crop again this year.

Latest harvests: 
Rhubarb & Leeks.

Not in this pic:
Spring Onions.

Well we have been down to our plot almost every day so far and its looking much better. 
Who would have thought a few months ago we would have all this spare time!

Our good friend & fellow allotment holders daughter made this lovely rainbow pic for our shed window. Thanks Emma x

Keep safe, stay well & observe distancing.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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