Sunday, 12 April 2020

Easter Weekend, still in isolation due to Covid-19

Time to plant out the new Asparagus that Kings delivered earlier than expected, but at least we had the bed prepared with sifted/manured soil.
Looks great now its done. 

Thanks to Jo's hard work.

So while Jo was busy, I satrted planting the main crop spuds 'Picasso'

In a trench about 6-8" deep watered well and each seed potato placed 15" apart in the bottom of the trench, then back filled.

So thats 30 Picasso planted, this patch will only take 3 more rows, which I plan to fill next weekend with 'Maris Piper'

Jo planted out 2 types of Broad Beans, the canes are to support them as they grow.

The Leeks still look good, we had some rain so hope it helped to swell them more.

We have removed the fleece from the Califlowers and replaced with netting, as they grow we will put higher hoops in so they have plenty of room. 
We need to cover these as we get Pheasants & Pigeons that love tender young veg!
This new raised bed has been filled up with sifted soil and Jo has started planting Bee friendly flowers, as this is our wildlife corner, with a log pile too.
In the greenhouse Jo added more Tomatoes, the ones put in last time have grown already. 
They like the deep soil & heat in there.

The 1st harvest of Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb, we will be having a crumble very soon!

The Victoria Rhubarb is coming along nicely, a later variety and sweeter.

So a really good few days, Fri/Sat/Sun and we got lots done.

I've been busy at the lane end, making a new fence & gate, so check back to see my progress.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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