Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter weekend on the plot

Good Friday:
Can you see the cheeky Robin? 
It was searching for bugs & worms as I dug over this patch.
A bit more of the patch now dug over and enough done today. 
I will be planting main crop Potatoes here once they have been chitted.
So while I was busy, Jo cleared this raised bed of weeds & topped it off with a barrow full of horse muck!
Easter Sunday:
We returned and did an hour more digging over the poatato patch before lunch and 2 hours after, not much left to do now. But I could tell the soil is still too cold to plant anything, so we will have to wait.
Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb growing daily now, wont be long before the 1st harvest & a crumble or two.
All those weeds caused quite a pile to burn, but all the rain has made the pile quite damp, so it didnt burn long.
Anyway as it was April 1st, I was no fool and got plenty done and despite an overcast sky it didn't rain. But more rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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