Sunday, 15 April 2018

Potato planting time

Only 2 weeks later than normal, but today, as its warmer, it's time to plant the early potatoes for 2018. 

This year I'm trying Pentland Javelin as a 1st early & Kestrel for 2nd early, as you can see they are ready with short stubby shoots.
I dug a trench, a spade deep, added a few spade fulls of well rotted manure and forked it in.

I then put each tuber 12" (30cm) apart in the base of the trench and back filled with the soil I dug out with a rake, leaving a mound. 
Each trench is 24" (60cm) apart.

So here are the three rows of Pentland Javelin all planted and ridged up. 

We will stagger the planting so all the potatoes arent ready at the same time, Charlotte 2nd early next.
I carried on digging over this patch behind the Garlic that I started last week, so we have have plenty of space ready for planting, 
While I planted spuds, Jo sowed some seeds: Spring Onions, Beetroot & Spinach. 

Under the fleece are some Peas that were in the greenhouse and now need hardening off ready for planting out.
Both the Cox's Orange Pippin apple trees have hundreds of blossom buds, a good sign for a good crop.
Rhubarb update: Getting bigger by the day, in fact we split this one over winter and its growing faster than the rest.
Pond update: We have Tadpoles! Although you cant see them, there are thousands as well as other pondlife, we spotted Beetles, pond skaters & caddisfly too.
So despite a few showers we got lots done, including helping our friend & neighbour Steve fix his shed roof. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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