Sunday, 25 March 2018

Felt like Summer, the day we had 1 less hour too!

Love these Daffodills growing on the corner of the Rhubarb patch, they come up every spring and today was no exeption.
Lovely blue sky all day & the Sun was out all day, hard to believe the forecast for the week to follow is cold & wet!
Jo worked hard clearing the Strawberry & Asparagus beds of grass and weeds, I topped the Asparagus off with a barrow full of horse muck.
So while Jo cleared the Aparagus & Strawberry beds, I got started on this patch where the main crop Potatoes will go. 
I'm only digging out the clumps of grass & some perenial weeds, then I'll spread some muck & rotovate it in.
So despite an hour less, due to British Summer Time (clocks go forward) we managed a good 4 hours of work in the sun with just one tea break!

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian & Jo.


  1. Aah, yellow daffs, blue sky and some lovely clear earth - a perfect blogpost for this time of year!

    1. Thanks Belinda, yes we were very lucky, and as I said rain came the very next day!