Sunday, 8 April 2018

One week later (after Easter)

One week after Easter and the Rhubarb is getting bigger, not ready yet as it needs to be a lot taller with umbrella like leaves. 
But after a wet miserable week it was lovely and sunny today, feels much more like summer is on its way.
So I finished digging over this patch, where the Spuds will go. 
I took the photo before I dug over that small square bottom left. It certainly caused a massive pile of weeds to burn, mostly Ground Elder and Dock!
I also started digging over this patch next to the fruit cage, I didn't go all the way to the fence, because we have a rather large Horseradish root there and didn't want to disturb it! 

In the foreground is the Garlic we put in recently, now its matured and taller, I removed the netting that was protecting the young shoots from birds etc.

Then I did a spot of weeding/digging on another patch & dug up some Picasso spuds from ones we planted last May, had them for dinner roasted with garlic & rosemary seasoning and were lovely.
So as I said the sun came out and I spent 5 hours digging today and it was worth it. Only stopped a few times for a cuppa & snack.

The forecast looks favourable, so next time we might have put some crops in especially early Potatoes!

No Jo today she's away for a few days visiting family.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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