Sunday, 12 June 2016

Working between the showers

The Squashes we put into the tyres are doing well, we have been watering them almost daily as they will dry out quick in a small container.
Planted out more Sweetcorn, 16 this time in a block 4x4. 
Will make a good follow on crop.
One job I've been meaning to do for a while, was to dig out the weedy/grass path that runs behind the pond and leads to where the Apple trees and the new raised beds with Gooseberries in are. 
So I made a new path using weed suppressant fabric topped with woodchips, will need some more to complete the job.
The Charlotte 2nd early potatoes, looks like they are all in flower now, so we will have to do a test dig soon.

We have already had some of the Lady Christl 1st early and they were lovely just with melted butter.
Can you spot the Squirrel? 
It ran in front of me and went into the tree on the lane, so fast I nearly missed it with my camera!
Todays Harvest: 
More Strawberries
More Asparagus
More Rhubarb (not in photo).
Gooseberry thinnings, only about a third taken to allow the rest to swell & ripen better.     
On the lane down to our Allotments, there are a few Elderflower trees, so we thought we would try making cordial from the flowers. 
Will report on the results soon.
So after 7 hours on the plot today, we got lots done and weeding (of course) too. 

There was a brief heavy rain shower mid afternoon, was a good opportunity to shelter and have a cuppa.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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