Sunday, 17 May 2015

Such a busy weekend

Thought it was time to net the Honeoye Strawberries, only planted a month ago, but already got lots of fruit ripening. 

Won't be long before we can harvest these lovely sweet Strawberries.
Weeded this patch where the 1st & 2nd early potatoes are, can't earth up the Rocket any more as they have grown bigger over the week, but now all the Charlotte are up I could earth those up.
I didn't take a before shot of this patch as I was ashamed of the state of it, but you can probably tell from the pile of weeds in the middle how bad it was. 
But I needed to get it ready for the main crop potatoes to go in soon. Started yesterday and finished today.
We started some Sweet Peas at home in root trainers, so planted them around the plot where they could climb easily, here along the side of the fruit cage. 
Still getting a good harvest of Asparagus & Rhubarb, on the left about 7lb of Stockbridge Arrow and a few spears of Asparagus, on the right 3.5lb of Victoria Rhubarb. A running total of 34.5lb so far!
News from the pond:
Hope you can see the Tadpoles in this photo (taken with my mobile yesterday) there are hundreds, we also spotted a couple of Frogs guarding the Tads too.
So not a bad weekend, we spent over 10 hours weeding, planting, bonfiring and a bit of maintenance too! 

I made new border edges to the path along most of the left side, from recycled decking boards. Still got plenty to carry on with the right side, hope to have some left over for a Bug Hotel project too!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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