Monday, 4 May 2015

Busy May Day Bank Holiday!

Well on Sunday I started digging over this rather weedy patch, where we hope to put some climbing French Beans and maybe more Peas, that we have started at home. 

See below to see how I got on. 
In this narrow strip, next to the Onions, I prepared the ground by adding a few scoops of Lime, as Brassicas prefer alkaline soil, I then dug it over and firmed the soil, then we planted Cauliflowers that were started at home. 

The blue pipe hoops are for the netting I put on after taking the photo, we don't want the Pigeons to take them! 
This patch is looking better, after a bit of weeding, near the top is where the 1st early Rocket & 2nd early Charlotte potatoes are, in the foreground, the Winter White Onions.
Love this raised bed, we have crammed a lot into it, Peas, Pak Choi, Spring Onions, Mixed Salad, Radish, Carrots and Spinach. Just shows you what can be grown in an 8ft x 4ft space. 
In the greenhouse, the soil has been beefed up with Grow Organic and plenty of water, as it was so dry (temp today 98 degrees). 

Then we planted 'Black Russian' and 'Money Maker' Tomatoes and a Cucumber. 
We also tidied up the Raspberries in the fruit cage, the summer fruiting ones, we put in late last year, have put on new growth. We also added a few new autumn fruiting Raspberries to fill a few gaps.
Here is the patch I started digging over yesterday, managed to get most of it done (took about 6 hours). We had Potatoes here last year, so perfect for Beans this season.
Harvests this weekend:

Radish 'Scarlet Globe'

Rhubarb 'Stockbridge Arrow' the 2nd of many harvests between now & August.
So we did pack in a lot over the weekend & holiday Monday. 

Also planted out Courgettes that we had started off at home.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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