Saturday, 9 May 2015

May Harvest

Busy weekend, so just a quick visit to the plot and a harvest or two.

Another good harvest of Stockbridge Arrow rhubarb, almost 9lb (4kg) ! 

That's 14lb (6kg) so far harvested over the last few weeks.

See below for a cooking tip.
Another 2 spears of Stewarts Purple asparagus and plenty more on the way.
This is the Rhubarb patch, despite taking 14lb so far it still looks like a forest! 

But its not a good idea to take too much at a time as it can put the root into shock, so little and often is best. 
The plant with the white flowers is Sweet Cicely used when stewing rhubarb as it sweetens by reducing the 'tartness'.
All the rain & sun has made the early spuds 'Rocket' grow faster, so I had to earth them up again, using a draw hoe, that cuts the weeds & draws up the soil perfectly.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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