Saturday, 30 May 2015

Just a few hours on the plot today, a view from the air too.

Started to clear this patch in front of the Apple Trees, I'm building a bug/wildlife haven, from old pallets. 

Only the 1st level is in place, so keep checking back to see the bug house growing.
The Broad Beans, Onions, Shallots, Courgettes and even Parsnips are doing well in this patch.
Last week I said I was helping a PHD student with a Carrot Root Fly study, they are in this patch, see next photo. 

We have planted a few rows of Beetroot in this patch as well as Peas, Leeks & Garlic.
These are the non resistant Carrots 'Danvers' I was asked to sow, with a border of 'Flyaway'. 

They have already come through, so wont be long before its time to thin them out.
We were wondering which of the many Strawberries will be picked first, well I'm sure it will be the Honeoye ones, look at the size of them! Just need them to ripen.
So as I said only a few hours done today and as the wind was still I managed to get a good aerial shot of our plot. 

I've been loaned a quad copter (drone) by a kind friend, see below.
My plot from the air. 

Just 'click' on the photo to see it bigger.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Looking great..everything looks more advanced than my patch except perhaps for the herbs and rhubarb...fascintaing to see the drone shots!

  2. that should have read..fascinating!!

  3. that should have read..fascinating!!

    1. Thanks Lynne, my 1st attempt at aerial photography, will certainly do some more :)