Sunday, 23 June 2013

Very windy day, so just a crop update.

So as the title says, a very windy day, rain showers too, so all we did today was to water the Greenhouse. Because of heavy overnight rain no need to water anything else. So I thought I would treat you to a crop update. 

Here are the Mange Tout Peas that we put the netting up for last weekend, they are already climbing so expect a crop soon.
Here is the salad raised bed. We packed a lot into it: Rocket, cut & come again Lettuce, Cos Lettuce, Radish, Spring Onions, Borecole, Ruby Chard & round Carrots too.
It's netted to keep the birds, especially Pigeons & Pheasants off!
Here are the Mammoth Leeks a Twitter friend sent me to see how large I could grow them, they are a variety that is grown for the show bench, I don't ever show my veg, but it could be the start!
Here is the  'Red Cross' Onion bed, they are doing well now that the weather has been warmer & wetter too. 
Beyond the Onions are Broad Beans, they are cropping well and we have had quite a few meals with them. 
I put these Sweetcorn in a few days ago, they have taken well, we will plant another 12 soon, so we get a follow on crop, we also planted 2 Courgettes in between, good use of the space.
And finally my lovely Potatoes, the ones in the foreground are the 'Picasso' a main crop and the last to be harvested. Beyond those, passed the Sweetcorn, are the 'Valour' main crop, they are already starting to flower. The 'Anya', 'Charlotte' & 'Foremost' earlies are all in flower (or at least showing signs of flowering) so I expect to dig some of these up very soon.

Next weekend I plan to do another Video walkabout, so will show more of what's growing. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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