Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day weeding the plot

Lovely sunny day for Fathers Day. 
So we decided to go to the Allotment and why not. Mostly did weeding, the rain & warmth we have experienced the last few weeks has made the weeds grow faster than ever!
Here are the Radar white  Onions, alongside the Runner Beans, they needed weeding as they are getting bigger now and don't need the competition from the weeds for nutrients in the soil. Weeded the Red Cross red Onions too.
It was time to put the netting up for the Mange Tout Peas, they have shot up since the warm weather & rain. Simple frame made from 8 x 5ft & 1 x 6ft canes, then Pea netting attached.
All the potatoes are through now, earthed up the last to be planted 'Picasso' again today. We spotted flowers coming on the early 'Foremost' so expect to have the 1st crop in early July, the warmth & rain has helped these too, such a difference to last years weather!
Another day trip for the Chickens, here you can see Maud, Matilda & Flo, Freda was busy foraging under the fruit bushes, again.
They love their trips to the plot, they are so content we don't hear a sound from them, except when they are laying, as Matilda did again. So lovely to bring an Egg home as well as Rhubarb, Lettuce & Radishes!
So a very productive day, all the weeding produced another pile to burn, left for a few days the pile will dry enough so I can have another big bonfire. There was alot of interesting wildlife too, so I made a video for you, link below.

Thanks for reading/returning & viewing. Ian

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