Sunday, 30 June 2013

Busy weekend weeding

The sun shone, the Birds were in full song, the Frogs were sunbathing and we were weeding.
Lots of Ground Elder & Nettles to pull up, but I didn't pull all the Nettles as they are beneficial to Bees & Butterflies, in fact some Butterflies lay their eggs only on Nettles, so its good to keep some.

Did so much weeding, had to have a Bonfire! But didn't plant much, just some more Spinach & Asparagus Peas, I have done an Allotment Walkabout video as its the end of the month and so much has changed since the last one.

Our Chickens came too, they feature on the video, so I'll stop now so you can watch it.

Thanks for reading, returning & viewing. Ian.


  1. chickens like ground elder - your plot looks great

    1. Well there is some (actually a lot) in the fruit cage, so they are happy :)