Sunday, 2 June 2013

Long Sunday in the Sun

What a fantastic warm sunny day today, good excuse to get some more digging & weeding done. 
If you look back to last weeks Blog where I put the new pallet fence in, the ground in front of the fence was still full of weeds, so today I finished digging over it and removed all the grass, weeds & roots. We will plant mostly Brassicas here.
 On this patch along side the Broad Beans, where I planted Beetroots last week, we also added some sown flower seeds & Dwarf French Beans. 
The flowers are Cornflowers & Nigella as they are good for Bees.
Here is the Potato patch. 
Quite a large area but I'm growing 5 varieties again this year, 3 rows of 1st early 'Foremost' these have been 100% successful & I have earthed them up regularly, will be in flower soon, so ready to lift. The 2nd early 'Charlottes' have also done well, as have the salad 'Anyas'. The main crop 'Valour' have just started to show above the soil, no show on the 'Picasso' yet, but I only planted them last week, so in a few weeks will have more news on them. 
As it was such a lovely day we thought it would be nice to give our Chickens a day out too, so as you can see here, they got busy scratching & pecking around, the Fruit Cage where they are safe is a bit overgrown at the moment, but it didn't stop them having fun. 
They are so settled on the Allotment that even Matilda didn't mind making herself a nest under a Blackcurrant bush and laying an egg! We knew she was about to lay as she was making laying sounds (yes they do make a particular sound).    
Other things planted:
Kale, Borecole, Spinach, Red Pak Choi & 3 types of Dwarf Beans. 

Other good news:
We have seen at least 4 Frogs in the pond, 3 were sunbathing on the pond edge & a small one was peeping out of the water. 
You may be able to see them in my monthly Allotment walkabout video below.

 Thanks for reading/returning (and viewing) Ian 

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