Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lots done today, Chickens too.

So today was a good day to get lots done, it's been dry all week so the soil was easy to dig again.
Last week we cleared the far raised bed you can see in this photo, today we dug over the near one, removed old plants and weeds, then topped up with saved New and used Compost that we grew Tomatoes in at home.
I also dug over a bit more of the Potato patch, weeded the Leeks that we put in last year and burnt a lot more of the dried weeds, this time in the Incinerator Bin. The bin is easier to burn in as you can control it easier by putting the chimney lid on which makes it burn quicker, as I was putting in fresh dug weeds, it burns them better than on an open bonfire. 
Here, in the greenhouse you can see the Feltham First Peas I put in at the start of the year, they have done really well, not flowered yet but will soon with warmth and sunlight. The direct sown seeds are coming on well too, I showed them in the video last week.
Chicken News:
We decided to bring the Chickens today, sadly two didn't want to come, Freda and Mabel weren't keen on being caught and put in the transport box, so we didn't want to stress them. But Maud, Matilda and Flo came gladly and had a great time. I filmed them for you, take a look here
So a great day for digging, weeding and Chicken scratching, even the Buzzards were busy overhead, I counted eight circling above, both adults and juniors, our Chickens were safe in the fruit cage!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Maravillosasa fotos de trabajo de campo y de huertos,hugs,hugs.