Sunday, 24 February 2013

A good days digging & weeding

 So today was a good day for digging, hasn't rained for at least a week, so the soil was light and easy to dig.
This corner had been left to the weeds for a few years, mostly Nettles and Ground Elder, but I managed to dig most of that out.

The raised bed to the back right had Garlic in last year and, the lighter area to the left is where the Victoria Rhubarb is growing and the patch in the foreground is the Herb bed.
As I said in the video I posted last time, the current Garlic bed hadn't been weeded, so today that's one of the jobs done, looks much better.

The raised bed behind needed a good weeding too, we hope to put some Pak Choi and other early greens in there. 
The Peas 'Feltham First' are doing well in the Greenhouse and even the direct sown seed has come through now.
But the main job I wanted to do was to clear away the pile of dried weeds and woody foliage that we had piled up over the autumn/winter.

Good excuse for another Bonfire I'd say.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Your allotment is looking good Ian, I still have yet to dig my vegetable garden over, so many jobs and so little time.

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes glad last year is behind us & a fresh start to 2013, lets hope its a good one, for you too.