Sunday, 31 March 2013

What a difference a week makes

I started off these 'Stuttgarter' white Onions in the Greenhouse at home in plug cells, as you can see they have rooted well and shot up, so it's time to plant them out, as daytime temps are better. 
I also started off some 'Super Aquadulce' Broad Beans, in toilet roll tubes in the Greenhouse, they took a while to get going but most have now rooted & sprouted, so I planted out the best of them, 17 in all. I have protected them with individual bottle cloches, as nighttime temps are still freezing.
I know I keep hoping the Rhubarb will be taller each week, but as temps, last night it was -3 degrees, they are still slow to grow, but more leaves and buds are showing, so won't be long now. 
Well as I said night times are still very cold, night temp (at 2am) it was -3 but by 3pm today it was +9 an increase of 12 degrees! So lets hope now Summer time is here we can have some Summer weather. 

I shot a video too to show our Allotment a month on since the last one. Watch it to see the bottle cloches on the Broad beans and watch our Chickens as they clear a patch of weeds.
Thanks for reading, watching and returning. Ian

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