Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow stopped all allotment tasks!

The Chickens braved the weather briefly to peck around the garden, they don't stay out long as its so cold, later today the melting snow made the garden so muddy again I had to scatter a few bags of wood chips to make it easier for them to get about, muddy feet not good!
But the sun came out so we decided to take a walk to the Allotment, not to do any work but just to empty the kitchen waste bin into the Compost bin & spread a bag full of Chicken poo, from the hen house, around the Fruit Bushes in the cage.
One of the Cold frames with Snow 3" thick, the glass is broken at the corner but still does a good job acclimatising seedlings etc.

Oh well, I haven't wasted the weekend due to the weather, but caught up on some decorating at home. Looking good now.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. Is fresh chicken poo ok on plants then? I thought it was too high in ammonia/nitrogen and therefore would burn the plant roots?

    1. Its fine on woody plants, but I would not advise using it fresh for delicate plants. The fruit bushes I spread it around were Black & red Currants, will help to give us a good yield :)