Friday, 18 June 2021

Plenty to harvest & still planting

A nice harvest to start this Blog off. 

Rhubarb, Strawberries & Sweetpeas too. 

The little pots are some flowers for our garden at home.

We finally took out the Kale that had gone to seed, but we waited until the flowers had finished as it was always buzzing with busy Bees.
Planted 3 outdoor Cucumbers, 1st time we have tried these so will see how they get on.
I got busy in the week, digging over this patch, but had to pull up so many weeds first, but is now ready for more Beans to go in.
The Runner Beans are doing well, there are a few flowers, so the beans will follow soon.
Everytime we visit, which is most evenings when we water things, we also pick about a pound of Strawberries. 
So its been a busy few weeks and we hope to do a test dig very soon of the Charlotte potatoes. 

Thanks for reading/returning.

Ian & Jo

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