Sunday, 12 May 2019

Just a quick visit

Built another Pea wig-wam, the cardboard disc, helps get the structure even & stops weeds growing as the centre is difficult to reach when the Peas are fully grown and full of pods to pick.
The rain & sun has helped the Potatoes they are looking good & luckily no frost damage.
So while I was busy, Jo dug a bit more of this patch and planted 2 more Courgettes
The greenhouse: 
The Tomatoes & Cucumbers are doing well, Jo planted another Tomato in the corner.
The Pond: 
Can you see the Tadpoles in the shallow end warming in the sun ? There are 2 frogs keeping guard too, you cant see much of them except the tip of a nose now and again, breaking the surface of the water.
Its difficult getting a photo due to reflections etc. 
More Rhubarb, its getting to be a regular crop at the moment. 
6.5lb this time, 12lb so far this year! Plus about 10lb we donated to a local spring fair, it all sold, 4 stalks for £1.
Anyway, yes just a quick visit, had to leave at 2pm. Shame as its been a lovely sunny day today, long may it last.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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