Sunday, 5 May 2019

Another 6 hours done on our plot

No we didn't start with a tea break and home made cake.  

Thought this would make a good title page, in fact we had this break later in the afternoon, after we had done all the hard work, read on........
The last of the chitted spuds, 'Cara' main crop, ready to go in.
Not the straightest trench, but it will do, I planted 36 spuds, 4 rows, 9 in each. Each row 30" apart, each spud 15" between in the bottom of trench then back filled with the soil dug out.
Yes another bonfire, but we have so many weeds that we have dug up & some rotten wood, so better to burn it and return the ash to the soil.
In this patch that Jo cleared, she planted some more Beetroot in a block, behind that 2 wigwams covered in netting and about 20 Peas planted around each.
Jo planted 2 Cougettes & a Squash in this patch, we both cleared this earlier and it was full of ground elder, nettles and horsetail, so it all went on the bonfire!
With all the rain & sun we have had, everything is growing fast, the Broad Beans have almost doubled in size !
So yes, another 6 hours, but a very satisfying 6 hours, we got lots done, even cleared a patch we though we might not get to use this year.
And finally, the 4 rows of Cara spuds planted, I realised its about 3 weeks earlier this year as I found one of my laminated labels from last year with the date on.

Thanks for reading/retrurning. Ian & Jo 

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  1. Looks good! I like your archway. Reading blogs about other people completing jobs that I should be starting!!