Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Another 6 hours and lots done again!

We arrived around 9:30 on Sunday, because we had lots to do, first job cutting the grass path!
But before I started up my petrol strimmer, I pulled up all the Nettles & Mares Tails as any that I chop up, each tiny piece, can grow again, adding to our weed problem ! 
But after a quick cut it looks a lot better, I carried on until lunchtime and managed to trim all the paths. 

I cleared around all the raised beds too & infront of the greenhouse so we could put some outdoor Tomatoes there.
I also earthed up all the Potatoes again, Pentland Javelin, Foremost, Charlotte & Picasso, even the Cara I put in a few weeks ago have come through.
Jo planted Borecole, Kale & Pak-Choi here, so we protected the young plants with an extra wide netting tunnel. 
I made another cane wig-wam (without netting) for some Borlotti Beans that Jo planted, 1 per cane.
Jo also planted more Squashes, 1 Butternut & 2 Patti-Pan (yellow scallop).
As most of the Strawberries are in flower we made sure they were netted as birds will scoff any ripe fruit before we get to them!
After lunch, using the strimmer again, I tidied up the fruit cage, at least its a lot neater and we can get around more easily.
So now the path is finished, but will need another cut soon, as all the sun we have had has caused everything to grow fast, including the weeds!

We left around 3pm, shattered but happy we got so much done.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo 

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