Sunday, 15 July 2018

Harvesting & watering time

First thing to do was to water the Peas & Squashes, I draw the soil up around them so the water stays like a reservoir and doesn't run off, as the soil is so dry.
We noticed that some of the Peas had been pulled out! Most likely suspect are the Pheasants, so I rigged up some netting while the peas get established, I also replaced the pulled up ones by pushing a pea seed direct into the soil and watering in well. 
You can probably see how dry everywhere is, but some of our flower patches are thriving and covered in Bees, they love the Lavender especially.
The sunny weather has certainly helped the fruit to ripen, here is over 10lb of Redcurrants, we left some that were not quite ready, so more to come!
While we were harvesting in the fruit cage, we noticed this Frog and just managed to photo it before it dissapeared.
More of todays harvest:
Broad Beans.
So another hot, dry day. 
But at least we got lots harvested & watered. Luckily had some rain a few days ago, so a little in the rain barrels.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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