Sunday, 8 July 2018

Another hot, dry day.

So first can you see the Bees ? 

They are all over this Lavender and they love it. 
We still have a Bees nest/hive which we are happy about, its under the patio in front of the shed :)
Last earthing up of the Picasso main crop potatoes, in the background some I planted over a month ago, in the foreground 4 rows planted just a couple of weeks ago, for a staggered harvest.
Today's Harvest: 
Dessert Gooseberries, 

Oh and (not in photo) more Pentland Javelin spuds.

So even though we harvested 2 punnets of gooseberries, we left plenty on the bush, mainly because some were not ripe yet and we dont want to pick them all just yet. 
Last year we harvested 22lb and there are more this year!

I'll leave you with another photo of our Lavender with Poppies in the background, we call it our 'wildflower meadow' as no plans to cutivate this area this year.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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