Thursday, 15 March 2018

March Allotment up-date

 I had to get a patch ready for 1st early Potatoes to go in, yesterday I started on this area where we had Brassicas last year. 
Today it was a sunny afternoon so I returned to finish off this patch, with enough room for 4 rows of spuds.
We usually start planting Potatoes around Easter but after the last frost.

But we need to clear this patch next.....
...... and this patch....
...... and this patch!
Got lots of seeds started at home, some in the greenhouse, some in propagators & some just in cells.

Yesterday I spotted a huge Frog in our pond, today as you can see, a huge lump of Frog Spawn, we will have Tadpoles again and eventually more Frogs.

Here are all the Potatoes 'chitting' this year I'm growing:
Pentland Javelin (1st early)
Charlotte & Kestrel (2nd early)
and Picasso (main crop).

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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