Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunny February Sunday

 Sunny and cold, so I dug over this patch that we left fallow for a year or two & you guessed it weeds & Nettles moved in! 
After a few hours with the fork & spade I filled 2 wheelbarrows with roots & weeds!
Our plan is to pave this area and put a bench here as it gets the sun all day.

So, as you must NOT put nettle roots on the compost heap, I burnt them straight away. 
Signs of growth on the Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb, this one we split over winter, so glad it has buds poking through already.

In Winter Olympic style, here is Gnomeo doing a spot of Ice Skating on the pond!

Well as I said, Sunny & Cold, but at least all that digging kept me warm and a couple of tea break stops too!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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