Sunday, 23 April 2017

More digging and weeding

First job to do today was to earth up the potatoes, some have broken through & we are expecting some cold temps, so better protect the emerging shoots with a layer of soil. 
I used a draw hoe that cuts the weeds & does the earthing up too.
Been extending this patch where I will plant the Cara potatoes soon. 
It had a lot of surface weeds, Ground Elder, Nettles and Sweetcorn roots, from last summers crops, to dig out. Hard work but worth it.
The grass on the path was getting a bit long at the sides, so I got my trusty petrol strimmer out to give the grass a trim, the first cut this year. 

Looks a lot better for it.
The Shallots we put in a few weeks ago are putting on more growth. 

So we put a row of Radish seed in between the Shallots & the Garlic.

Using a push/pull hoe, I managed to weed in between the Onions that we put in last autumn, for over wintering. 
I pulled out some of the more persistent weeds! 
Such a lovely sunny day, we spent a good 4½ hours today, so satisfying too

Hard to believe that Monday/Tuesday will be cold & wet!

Thanks for reading/returning. Jo & Ian

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