Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lovely weekend for digging, weeding, planting & some chicken news too

This raised bed needed totally weeding, so we forked it over and dug deep to get all the ground elder out (I hope).
Lots of surface weeds too.

Then I put a bag of mushroom compost on as a top dressing.
Dug up a few Leeks for a lunch treat, Leek & Potato soup. 

We also planted some Parsnip and Spring Onion seed.

We have plenty starting off in the greenhouse at home & on the plot so will report on the planting soon. 
On Saturday I continued digging over the end of this patch, where the early spuds are I planted last weekend.
On Sunday I did a bit more, so I can plant the Picasso main crop Spuds here.
While weeding the Asparagus bed we noticed a few early spears showing, this Stewarts Purple is an early one.
As the title says 'Lovely weekend' well it was until about 4pm Sunday, when it went chilly & felt like rain.
As you can see our egg cabinet is full, we had 57 eggs in March and 25 so far this month!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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