Sunday, 26 March 2017

Super sunny weekend on the plot

Carried on clearing this patch, as we want to put Peas & Beans in here. 

Removed lots of weeds, ground elder & grass.
With all those weeds removed I had to have a bonfire, I started it on Saturday and when I returned today (Sunday) it was still smouldering so I put some more dried stuff on and it flared up! So I carried on piling weeds on :) 
The Cauliflower & Cabbage seedlings in the Greenhouse coming on fine and a tray of Tagetes flowers, on the right.
Some Peas started off in toilet roll tubes and a few trays of Sweetpeas too. 
Finished digging over this patch today (Sunday) plenty of space for Peas & Beans, that we have started off already.
As the title says: 'Supper sunny weekend' & it certainly was. With the clock going forward an hour, the growing season has really started. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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