Sunday, 19 March 2017

It's all happening on the plot

First job, to extend the early potato patch, I now have enough room for 5 rows of spuds. 

All dug over, weeded & a row of root damaged Carrots removed.

As I dug over this patch I found a few Charlotte spuds that were left behind after digging up, they looked fine so will have them with dinner. 

Not sure yet what we will plant here, probably Beans & Peas as a good follow on crop after potatoes.
If you remember I started off some 'Vigour' garlic in cells, well they have put on a good start, so after clearing this raised bed I planted the garlic at 6" intervals. I bought another 2 bulbs & will start them off the same for a succession crop.
The Cauliflower & Cabbage seed I sowed 12 days ago in the greenhouse have sprouted, we will plant out when a bit bigger and the soil is warmer.
Just a small part of our Stockbridge Arrow rhubarb and it's started growing, won't be long now before the first harvest.
A bit of an overcast showery day, but at least my little and often policy is paying off, our Allotment will be ready in no time.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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  1. Looks like good progress, the ground clearing is impressive, look forward to seeing how it goes this year