Sunday, 22 May 2016

What a busy day once the rain stopped

First, the beans put in last week have taken & doing well. 
On the left the Climbing Purple and on the right the Borlotti Beans.
This patch is the last space to be cultivated, so I got my Rotavator running, see below to see the results. 

So this is the first Courgette to go in, wont be the last LoL
In this patch I dug in plenty of our compost then planted 2 rows of Kale, a row of Dwarf Curly Green & a row of Tosca Di Nero. 

Planted under netting as the young plants would be devoured by the birds!
I mentioned last week that we planted the Runner Beans, they have taken and are growing, well I did put plenty of muck into the ground first. 
The first & second early spuds still growing daily, I think 100% have come through now too.
But now the Main crop 'Cara' & 'Harlequin' have started to break through, so I've earthed them up.

Back to the last patch to be cultivated. 
We had many bonfires and it was so compacted from walking all over, so now I've used the Rotavator its made such a difference, we can start planting on here now, as shown above a Courgette and some Beetroot too has already gone in, wont be long before its full!  
So as the title says, we did have rain today, 2 hours before the forecast said, but it didn't stop us doing 6 hours on the plot today and the sun finally came out in the afternoon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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