Sunday, 8 May 2016

Super sunny day, we got lots done!

If you remember last time I started off some Cucumbers, well look how they have done, the heat in the propagator certainly worked. 
Another little project, when we had a new roof a few years ago, I thought I'd keep some of the old batons that were being thrown in the skip! 
See later what I made from these 8 pieces of 1"x1" and some chipboard offcuts. 
Had to earth up the early spuds again, they are growing daily, of course they are, it would be odd if they didn't. 
Planted more main crop spuds 'Harlequin' just 2 rows today, but have more to put in next week to stagger the harvest.
Earlier in the week, I went to a local reclaimed timber yard and got some hard wood planks to make raised beds from. 
One here near the greenhouse. 
And a smaller raised bed here at the front of the plot, next to the brick floor and wall. 

We plan to put some wild Garlic here to contain it.
I forgot we still had a sack full of woodchips from the Laylandii we cut down recently, so I finished these Gooseberry beds. 
Cant get over how quick the Rhubarb is growing, this one 'Victoria' at the back of the plot, has shot up since last week. 

The Asparagus is growing an inch or two a day too!
Here is what I made from those lengths of roof batons, with the addition of some old chicken wire & wood treatment in 'woodgreen' 
Good for Peas to climb up, I made 4 of these, so with Peas both side, it makes 32ft of growing space!
So a very busy day, the temp got up to 28c and was so hot. 

Hope to get down next week on my days off, to continue planting, weeding, watering & maintenance.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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