Sunday, 15 May 2016

Such a lot of planting done today

 If you remember I made some frames from 1" roof batons, well I dug a trench 2 spades width and the length of the frame, I added plenty of our compost then topped with a few inches of soil. 
I then put the frames back down the middle. See them planted up below.
This new raised bed is now planted up, after I filled it with our own compost. the wig-wam in the middle has Borlotti Beans planted around the base.
Either side we've put in flowers of various types. I will, of course, report on its progress.
Another wig-wam this time with string wrapped around it and plenty of our compost dug in. This one has purple French climbing Beans. 

If you notice I always put a circle of cardboard on the soil inside, because its hard to do the weeding when the beans are in full growth, you will see I've done this under the Borlotti Beans wig-wam too.
I had to earth up all the early spuds again. I use a draw hoe, because it cuts the weeds and earths up at the same time.
I'm sure it won't be long before we dig some up (usually early June) but will wait until the flowers have set first.
We have been planting Sweetpeas where ever we can, so here I stapled some spare 1/2" mesh over the fence extending the hight too and planted Sweetpeas at the base. 
I also added some old CD's just in case any birds flew into the mesh.
I could not believe the Cara spuds have already broken through, I planted these on the 2nd of May, just 13 days ago. The earlies took over a month, but of course it was colder in March/April.
So here are the chicken wire frames mostly planted up. 
8ft of Petit Pois
8ft of Twinkle Peas 
& 8ft of Hurst Greenshaft Peas.  
This is the last barrow full of our own compost taken from just one compost bin, we have used about 5 barrows full so far and it's good stuff.

I should think this last lot will go under the Courgettes, Pumpkins & Squashes.
So we got a lot done today, started at 10am and left at 5pm! 

We also planted 2 lots of Runner Beans, I'll feature them next time.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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