Sunday, 30 August 2015

More planting this week

We planted out some Spinach in the patch where the Onions were, two types, Winter Giant & Reddy f1.
In the patch next to the main crop Potatoes I added some lime and dug it in well. 
I then walked all over the patch to firm the soil then planted 20 Broccoli that we started off at home. 
I also put netting over these to protect from the birds! 
Sweetcorn doing well, hope it stays warm a bit longer, to sweeten it up before harvest.
The climbing French Beans are doing well, harvesting most days as well as the Dwarf & Purple beans too. 

The freezer is getting full!
The Borlotti beans I put in when we had dug up some spuds, have now reached the top of the wig-wam so I nipped off the growing tip, so the energy goes into growing the beans. 
There are flowers now so wont be long before we get beans.
A Bee on some of the many flowers we grow just for them.
Just a small harvest today: 
A carrier bag full of Runner Beans. 
Six 'Moneymaker' Tomatoes
So a good week of work done, plenty of weeding too!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. I'm harvesting beans aplenty at the moment and toms too. I need to sow something in the bare spaces, spinach like you have done is a good idea.