Sunday, 21 September 2014

Super, sunny Sunday

My new toy 'The Allotment Truck' a bargain from Aldi. It will be very useful, first load, a bag of compost (for potting up Strawberry runners). 
But will be good for transporting home the Potato harvest instead of taking the car. 
Anyway back to today, in the patch where I dug up the 'Sante' Potatoes, I have planted 'Musselborough' Leeks, started off in a seed tray. 
Also Spinach seed sown 'Giant Winter' and 'Emilia F1' both good for late sowing for an early spring harvest. 
The Sweetpeas still giving a good handful of blooms and no sign of them stopping yet. 

Also as the Lavender has finished flowering we cut it back saving the dry heads for fragrant bath salts & lavender pillows.
Another job I have put off until now is this corner, where the Apple Trees are, as their roots spread about 6ft (1.8mtrs) we cant disturb the area around them too much, so I plan to change the route of our path through here. 

A work in progress, so keep watching.
So as I said super, sunny Sunday and it certainly was, I heard that this fine weather might last until mid October, lets hope so, as crops have been so good this year & I still have 4 rows of Cara Potatoes to dig up, our winter store! 

Already got our Onions 'Senshyu' & 'Red Winter' and Garlic 'Solent Wight' to get started.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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