Sunday, 28 September 2014

End of September on the Plot

Only a short visit to the plot today, but plenty to harvest still. 

Dug up more Parsnips for Sunday dinner. But still plenty left in the ground, what we need is a good hard frost to sweeten them up, but weather reports for our area say we might experience mild conditions for a few more weeks, even into November!
Its been a good year for fruit, as you can see here lots of Raspberries, we were told to pick from a neighbours plot too as they were away on holiday, they also grow Golden Raspberries odd to look as but lovely taste. There is 4lb here, 3lb already made into Jam, the rest added to Rhubarb for a batch of wine. 
Chicken News: 
Looks like the Light Sussex have started laying, we have had 2 eggs this week, not sure if from the same hen, but will monitor this to see.
As I mentioned the weather has been warmer than we are used to, everything is still growing, weeds too! 
So still clearing away weeds as fast as I can and drying so can burn on the bonfire.  

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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