Sunday, 3 November 2013

Strong winds but little damage

 Yes the last few days and last night was the worst, we had gale force winds and driving rain, hail too!
But as you can see my shed survived, needs a coat of paint though :(
Musselburgh Leeks: 

We have had mixed results this year, some very thin ones, but most about an inch thick which is fine.
But this is an impressive one, so thought you might like to see it.
Another crop doing well, the Onions I planted out recently. No wind damage, but that might be because they are sheltered behind the Runner Bean frame. 
Only one casualty from the strong wind, Wendy Worzel scarecrow.

Sadly the broom handle spine snapped! 

Her hair is a bit muddy too :(

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian. 

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