Sunday, 22 September 2013

Summer returns briefly on the plot

Well what a difference in the weather, last week we had strong wind & rain, this week calm, sunny & warm, Summer is back, for a few days anyway. So we weeded the Potato patch so it will be easier to dig them up in a few weeks time, see later what I did with all the weeds.
While weeding the spud patch, I also dug up a few for meals in the forthcoming week. From left to right:
Charlotte 2nd Early. 2lb 4oz (approx 1kg)
Anya Salad, 2lb 12oz (approx 1.3kg)
Valour Main. 6lb 8oz (approx 3kg).

Not a bad harvest of other fruit & veg: 
Runner Beans 
Pati-Pan Squash 
We also picked our one and only Cox's Orange Pippin Apple, was lovely with some Wenslydale Cheese. 
I will prune the tree back in the winter and hope for a better crop next year, we only added the trees in 2011 so 3rd year should see a better yield.
Best place for them :)
So as I said a lovely return to Summer briefly, temps in double figures (20c). 
In the patch where the Bonfire is we are going to plant some more Brassicas Cabbage, Kale & some Spinach to grow over winter, we have some Onions too that will need to go in soon, so despite Autumns arrival we still have lots to do.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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